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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Gold

Where is the Best Place to Buy Gold?

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Why Buy Gold?

It is my belief that everyone needs to own gold. Just on the fact that there’s a limited supply and it has always held value. From a very young age I was always confused on our paper currency. I never understood how I can buy something real with this paper. As I got older and studied more it was more confusing.

I’m not going to play the card that many people do when they try to reason with why people should have some, i’m just going to say it’s a great idea to have some of this rare metal because right now most people arent buying.

I think this sets up a huge opportunity right now, whenever i’m confused in life I look at what everyone else is doing and then I do the opposite. Right now everyone is selling gold because the bull run is “over” and they are buying stocks.

Best Place to Buy Gold From

In my personal experience I never buy anything from local coin or bullion stores. They have horrendous prices – experiences will vary – so I always buy from a large dealer that is online.

Regardless of personal preference bar none Regal Assets is the top place you should buy from. Read my full review here to see why but they are completely focused on customer service, great prices and large stock of physical gold. They are also backed by powerhouse people, and many organizations which means they have a lot of credibility. They also guarantee order ships in 7 days or they give you a free silver eagle.

My first bullion purchase took me 9 weeks to get! I don’t care if you don’t buy from Regal Assets but I don’t want you to experience 9 weeks of dread like I had.

Buy careful when you buy gold online. There are a lot of shysters out there, and there are a lot of fakes. You can bet that the fakes will get more numerous as the price rises.

At the very least, try regal assets to buy gold and see how they compare to the competition. I’ve used several different companies and in my personal experience they have been the best.

Click the link below and see what they offer for your own eyes.

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Another Good Place To Buy Gold

Because Regal Assets has a minimum purchase of $5,000 it’s somewhat exclusive. So the next best place to buy gold is a Heartland Precious Metals, because they are 100% focus on customer service and they still manage to undercut most places on their prices.

This makes it easier for the average person like me to pick up a little precious metals. Lets be honest a lot of people don’t have $5,000 to dump into gold or silver. Luckily Heartland Precious Metal’s minimum is easier to swallow at $1,000.

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