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What’s The Best Way To Get Out of Debt?

What’s the best way to get out of debt?

The #1 way to get out of debt and stay out is to not take on any debt in the first place! Of course, it’s not that easy and if you’re asking yourself that “whats the best way to get out of debt” you probably have some.

Which is completely normal.

Or is it? We live in a world today dominated by bankers, I’m not going to call them evil….but I’m not going to say they aren’t either! For over a century bankers have created a system that teaches us from birth that debt is good.

I’m here to tell you debt isnt good! It’s one of the worst things you can do to yourself – more on that in a second.

How does this system work do you ask? Here is the path most people take:

  • When we are born we start constantly looking and learning – since banks and other businesses have ads and commercials everywhere we subliminally start to understand what that means after a few years. We are constantly immersed in ads that tell us to get into debt.
  • In school they neglect talking about finances so we can be manipulated by the advertisements, we see everyone around take on more debt in the forms of credit cards, cars, houses, other “toys”.
  • Pretty soon it just makes sense – everyone else do doing it right? And they are applauded by their friends and neighbors. Since they are doing so “well” they teach their kids many parents – including mine got me a credit card at 18 so I can start “building credit”. We are put on the fast track.
  • We are also taught the only way to succeed is to go to college so off we go.And since we have this amazing need to go to college they charge a fortune for it $50-$100k for an average bachelors degree.. And since the government has a monopoly on the student loan industry colleges know we can get all the money we need from the government so they can charge whatever they feel like and they know we will pay.
  • After college we tend to get a job, now we are living the good life! Time for a house, maybe a few toys, and a spouse! Hell yeah! How can we pay for all that? By getting a loan at a bank because if we finance it long enough they payments become easier and easier to swallow.
  • And now you’ve been “got”.

The truth is:

Debt makes you easy to control, that’s good for government, and that’s good for the “1%” – except it’s not the 1% we think it is. It’s really more like the 1% of the 1% who own the banks.

Now where would you want to end up? At the source of the money or where it pools? Clearly the latter that’s how you make the big bucks and make money work for you. The trouble is most people are at the former- they live where the money starts! Think about it – the amazon river has a tremendous amount of water in it..but only near the ocean, it starts from little drips in the trees and that’s exactly how our money system works.

When we get paid we have a pay check, it then goes into:

  • Mortgage payment or rent
  • Auto loans
  • Student loans
  • Other bills

This all goes to a few companies/people. So we fill their pockets while we totally empty ours.

This can change, and it can change easily! There are TWO things you can do right now to reverse this and they are:

  1. Don’t take out any more debt – ever! Every time you take out a loan you are increasing the servitude you must repay. You enslave some of your future time to pay for something now. A Good but challenging rule to have is: If you can’t pay cash for it, then you don’t deserve it yet. Instead of having interest against you in a loan, save it or invest it. One of my favorite places to invest it is in a money market account because I hate risk. EverBank pays you a huge return on FDIC insured money market accounts which I like and unlike most banks they are here to serve us. (read my review on them here)
  2. Pay off debt you have right now! Every cent you pay off early is an automatic and guaranteed return on your money. If you have a credit card charging you 20% then every dollar you pay of you effectively had a 20% return on that money! Imagine if you got that in the stock market? It’s the same thing!

The best way to get out of debt:

We have some great news though! When we have debt and are struggling to pay it off things can get nasty. Debt collectors can not only be annoying but life threatening! Not in a life and death way, but in a way that they can take our house, cars and our livelihood.

The good news is: We have numerous laws that protect us. But since we don’t know these laws collectors arent afraid of any consequences, and yes there are consequences for using unlawful tactics to reclaim debts. The single best thing for you do to is to learn these laws so you know if you are being treated fairly and with respect…or not.

If you know the laws and you catch them doing bad things you can take them to court and potentially get a decent chunk of change! But it’s more important that that because if we start protecting ourselves, then they will stay in the law which protects everyone!

It’s very hard to learn all of this right? WRONG! I have found a great resource that has a ton of information on what collectors are allowed to do + a lot more. It’s very affordable and I would highly recommend you check out the program here, or you can always read my review on what lies in your debt here.

They offer 60 day money back guarantee and I know it will help a ton! It really is one of the top investments.


Hope that helps you learn something about why we need to get out of debt! Please stay out, you will enjoy life so much more if you are debt free! It’s not hard, but you have to go “against the grain”!

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