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What Is The Best Company For Credit Repair?

What Is The Best Company For Credit Repair?

Credit is crucial in today’s economy. It allows businesses to start up and get the capital to grow. And it also allows hard working people a way to put a roof over their head and drive a reliable car. A better credit score makes all these things cheaper and insures we will be able to get funds when needed. Sometimes this is more important than just having a newer model car to play with – sometimes it’s a matter of life and death.

Whatever the reason it is very important to have a credit score as high as possible.

What Makes A Good Credit Score?

There are so many pieces to the credit score pie that it can be challenging to get and maintain a score that will save you money.

A few Key Parts to having a great credit score:

  • Bills are always paid ON TIME
  • 30% or less credit utilization (Debt to total credit limit ratio)
  • Length of credit history
  • Being a good tenant (Renting)

There is a lot more to it than that but you get the idea.

Why is Credit Repair Important?

There can be – and pretty often – mistakes on your credit report. This is a very detailed report and shows how risky or not you are to a bank. The more risky you are (not being able to ay your debts in a timely manner) the more the bank will charge you for a loan. If you can even get one.

Credit repair companies have a lot of pull and can talk with creditors and they can bring up your credit score by a lot! Credit Repair companies don’t charge much for their services when compared to how much they can save you which could be 10’s of thousands of dollars depending on your situation.

It’s very important to fix any errors on your report, but they can also remove bad markings on the report too.

Hands Down Best Credit Repair Company

We have done a very thorough review on the credit repair industry and have found our top pick. The reason we picked them is in our full review here.

To summarize they have excellent customer service – they are a small family company and really relate well with their customers.

They offer some free services, and their prices all around are extremely generous.

But my favorite part of them is that they don’t charge you a cent until they have done what they said they will do.

Their name is Credit Rx America and they are our most highly recommended credit repair company. Definitely check them out, you do not what to pick a bad company and there are many of them in this industry. That’s why I feel it’s important to point out they only charge you for what they successfully do. Most companies charge you up front and since they have your money they may not work as hard to get the job done whereas someone else who only makes money after they are successful…well they just do a better job.


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