Why Do I Have Financial Trouble?


Have You Ever Asked Yourself  “Why Do I Have Financial Trouble”?

If you are wondering why do I do I have financial trouble then here are a few areas you might want to focus on fixing. Finances aren’t tough – luckily – it’s just a matter of education followed by good habits over time.  but get the full article from forbes.

Lack of Financial Knowledge.

Unfortunately, we do not teach financial literacy in school as we teach English or Math. But we should. Unless you are fortunate enough to have parents who sat you down and helped you understand money and all the aspects of managing a financial life, you were left to your own devices. As a sound bite society, we take our knowledge from entertainment outlets versus educational ones. If you don’t understand the basics of risk management, cash flow, budgeting, retirement planning, education cost planning, tax and estate planning, chances are you are not even asking the right questions.

That right there hits the problem on the head, and the reason I have made it my mission to change this. Lack of financial teachings are locking so many families away from prosperity.

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Very few people will stand up and say “I don’t know”, especially when it comes to money. My gender is especially guilty of the caveman “I got this” approach when nothing could be further from the truth. We are measurers. We measure our success against our friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues. Our yardstick of success: who has the better car, bigger house or went on a more lavish vacation? Our ego pushes us to spend more than we should on things we don’t truly value beyond showing the world that we are successful. As economist Tim Jackson said so well: “We spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to make impressions that don’t matter.”

Put your ego away! All it does is hold you back!Or else you’ll keep asking yourself “Why Do I Have Financial Trouble”.

Don’t know whom to trust.

Open any news website or magazine and you’ll be hit with conflicting stories, commercials, sales pitches and predictions of disaster. You’ve seen the commercials from the big Wall Street firms that proclaim “You can trust us to guide you through your life.” And the next page features a story about that very same firm being fined BILLIONS of dollars for screwing the public. Who should you believe? Ignoring the facts because you liked an ad or your boss or your cousin or the guy at the gym likes the firm is not a shrewd move.

Wow! Couldn’t have said it any better myself! This is the biggest reason you need to get information from the best sources, which takes up a ton of time. I personally filter through many 100’s of crappy articles a day disguised as “good content”. The average person wouldn’t have enough resolve to do it which is why I am here! NO sense everyone wasting hours a day.

Household bottom-lines are getting more and more out of shape. It’s time we start changing this and it begins with good information! Make sure too share this post and lets start kicking ass!

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