Unusual Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

By Alexander_Price / September 1, 2015

Unusual Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

Have you ever wanted to make more money but thought that you have to be some Neurosurgeon and have 15 years of intensive schooling for a PhD for one?

I found a list of some jobs that pay over $50/hr on average and most don’t require too much – if any schooling!

They definitely arent any mainstream jobs – but they that’s why they make some serious cash, right?

The Lack Of Skill Trades

Since from age 5 we are brainwashed into going to school, doing our best there so we can go to a top university so we can get the best job we can…We have lost focus on something, there are a lot of jobs that this country needs but there is a huge shortage of people willing to take them. There are literally 70-100k jobs that people arent taking because they NEED to go to college for some reason.

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Take an eletrician, which wasn’t one of the Unusual Jobs That Pay 6 Figures, but still really good. I saw a listing for my local electric company, starting pay for a journeyman electrician was starting out at $34.35 an hours, better than almost anyone I know that went the college rote. I’m not dissing them but lets be honest, doesnt everyone really need college?

Lets get on with those sexy unusual jobs that pay 6 figures!

The list came from a new resource I found – youremployment.com I posted a few of them here but check them out to get the full list! Perhaps it’s something you might be interested in!

Construction Foreman/Superintendent

A construction foreman/superintendent is the person who is in charge of a construction crew. They’re very experienced in their trade, and they oversee and organize projects from beginning to end. This includes supervising/scheduling/training the crew, managing sub-contractors, enforcing codes, and maintaining the safety of the crew.

What the average Construction foreman/superintendent makes in an hour: $50.14, if you’ve got on-the-job experience, and preferably a bachelor’s degree.


A seismologist is a type of geoscientist who uses seismographs to gather data about the earth’s crust to further study earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Their duties include acquiring data in a non-invasive manner, planning projects, using recording equipment and observing irregularities, the ability to map out and present their data to colleagues, staying informed of new technologies while able to read, repair, and test their seismic equipment, and documenting their work.

What the average seismologist makes in an hour: $50.43; getting your undergraduate degree in a related field is a start: you’re probably looking at getting a master’s or doctoral degrees as well

Adult Daycare Director

The director of a non-residential facility that supports adults and their needs. Their duties include assessing potential clients, deciding whether current clients are ready to be discharged, supervising all of the Adult Care Programs, supervising staff, evaluating the needs of the individuals based on health and psychosocial state, and outfitting the community’s activities to clients.

What the average adult daycare director makes in an hour: $50.64, if you have a high school diploma and preferably a bachelor’s, and experience in the field.


The job of a co-pilot on a flight is to keep the pilot aware while making his job easier. The co-pilot must help plan the flight, land the plan, be aware of the weather, monitor flight instruments, stay in radio communication with the FAA and Air Traffic control, and be in charge of any other duties they have split with the pilot.

What the average co-pilot makes in an hour: $52.45; all that’s required is your high school diploma and a pilot’s license

Spread the word! I’m sure these are professions more people would be interested in and ones that we may need more people for!

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