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Signal Vault Review

Signal Vault Review (Updated Oct. 2017)

Why is Signal Vault Even A Thing? What Are They For?

Remember losing a $20 bill or so a handful of years ago? It sucked. There was no way to get it back and no one to call to say “It just vanished”. That may be part of the reason we mostly switched to plastic. (Among many other great reasons) it’s a lot safer. Or is it? What we flocked to may actually leave us more vulnerable to attack than we had originally thought. Yes cash is much easier to lose, but I beg to say that plastic can be much easier to steal – if you’re not prepared!

The method of attack I am going to explain is only for RFID cards, you will know if you have one if any of your cards have the quick tap option. They come in different names but all have the same function. If you swipe, or have an EMV chip (insert card)then you don’t have to worry about this problem. However you are still vulnerable to theft.

RFID Card is short for Radio Frequency Identification, it’s a technology where when the card is close to a receiver, the card will communicate with it and exchange vital information.

The main concern and is a very real concern, is these cards can be communicated to without your knowledge with a specially designed scanner. While the card receivers only work in close proximity, the criminal devices are boosted up and are specifically designed to scan for cards and trick them into thinking a transaction is taking place so they give up their confidential details.

These devices can extract data from a up to a few meters and happen very fast. So a thief could have their scanner on, concealed and walk by thousands of people at a busy area, getting all of the info they need to gain access to the card without anyone ever knowing. Pretty scary reality there.

Credit card, or even worse, debit card theft is a real problem. If you think these scanners are crazy then you might be surprised to find out that there are even people getting as sophisticated as too build a nearly invisible add-on to an ATM that takes your info right from your bank! Recently my credit union changed all of their ATM’s to read new cards and issued us all new “more advanced” cards to help combat this problem.

What Is Signal Vault?

When I first heard about them I had no clue what they were. My first thought was something to do with WIFI because they have something similar in their name. I had no idea what the business was based around, so other might be confused like I was.

In short, signal vault is a small case you put around your RFID cards to make them invisible to thieves scanners. Does it work? We get into that below, but I say even if it’s only a slight protection, its worth the very small price.($15)

Signal Vault was featured on the TV show “Shark Tank”. Signal Vault is a company that designed a new more powerful RFID blocker. That requires no batteries and will fit in any wallet.

What that means is you put your card in it and it blocks the machines that are trying to take your information. The really cool thing that separates them from the rest is there are no batteries and it doesn’t need to be recharged. In fact it even works for up to 100,000 “protections”. They aim to prevent millions of thefts this way. Stealing your information is a rapidly growing industry and it’s already several billions of dollars.

EDIT Dec 3, 2015 – My dad just got his credit card hacked. He has it straightened out but I told him about signal vault. You can visit signal vault’s official website here.

Video About Signal Vault

How Much Does It Cost and What Does It Do?

Signal Vault’s device is as big as a credit card and it makes the information on your cards invisible to people with the card reading machine. This means you are fully protected and you don’t even have to think about protecting yourself because it’s always on and on the lookout.

All of this fancy technology and the fact that we all need to have it means itSignal Vault Review‘s probably really expensive right? WRONG! Buying a single card protector is only $20.00 ($15.00) right now, no idea for how long)

That’s less than a mediocre dinner for two! They also offer bulk discounts too, buying 2 saves you a dollar each and you can get them for as cheap as $12 when you buy 10, but you probably don’t need that many, unless you are doing a pool buy for your friends and family.

What Signal Vault Offers You:

  • Peace of mind
  • Potentially saves time and money (if you were to get targeted)
  • Dual Protection (protects passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses (perhaps passport cards have your SSN on them?))

What I Like About Signal Vault

  • They appeared on shark tank – that’s a pretty big accolade and adds belief in their technology.
  • They have a simple yet necessary fix and they don’t charge a lot for their product
  • They are a new company, very intuitive
  • They aren’t settled for cheap, they want to go above and beyond, they offer you to get a customized vault!
  • Fits in any wallet
  • 3 year warrenty
  • No batteries
  • Over 500,000 customers already

What I Don’t Like About Signal Vault

  • They are brand new so don’t have a lot of history with them – need to build up some trust. However I will say that I’ve been digging into them hardcore the last few days and they have a lot of positive press and some heavy hitting backers.

Final Verdict on Signal Vault

Writing this review I have learned a lot about just how vulnerable our information can be and how smart criminals are. I’m also very concerned about people hacking passport cards, I don’t know for sure but I would assume our social security number could be stored on them. That would be pretty crappy…but I also found out signal vault protects those too!

I believe they have a great product and I think it is well worth the investment – getting hacked at best would be a bad headache and at worst could cost you everything. I think a 14-19 dollar investment is one of the best ones you can make, why take a chance? So I will say that I highly recommend them, they have a very nice inexpensive, no maintenance product that has real value in the world.

It’s very inexpensive so even if it provides a little bit of security then I think it’s worth it.


Don’t chance your future! Click the button below right now and check them out. I promise you will be very glad that you did!

Protect My Cards Now!

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