6 Checkpoints To Retirement

By Alexander_Price / October 1, 2015

6 Checkpoints To An Awesome Stress Free Retirement

We all dream of retiring, and living the “golden years” of traveling, doing what we want when we want and relaxing. Retirement is supposed to be a great time but if you don’t prepare for it, it will never come.

What is Retirement?

Retirement is where someone no longer needs to work a traditional job to live, typically this is between 65 and 72 years old.

The big misnomer about retirement is that by reaching 65 or 72 you can retire. Retirement is an income not an age. If you have income coming in that you can live on outside of your job you can become retired. I know people who have retired in their 20s, yes they still work but they retired from their job. And now they can pursue other avenues as they please.

While some people are retiring in their 20s and 30s I’m seeing more and more people at the “golden” age going back into the work force! Such as McDonalds or Walmart. Sometimes I ask them what made them decide to go back to work (even though I know why) every time they always tell me: “I got bored”, I’m gonna be frank here. They didn’t get bored they ran out of money.

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If  you don’t prepare now then you may not be able to retire – especially comfortably.

It’s just a reason they tell themselves and people so they can defer blame from themselves. Again retirement isn’t an age, it’s an amount of money.

If you save up $3million in a retirement account at roughly 5% APY you’ll make around $150,000/yr. Could you retire and live on that? Possibly, depends on your lifestyle and what you’re accustomed to. It depends on the individual, but to simplify things: Retirement is Just An Income Source Which Is Stable And Supports Your Lifestyle.

You can retire at age 20 with enough income coming in, or you can never retire. That’s the biggest reason starting to save young is such a big deal. .

Retirement – The Checkpoint Race

Retirement is a Checkpoint Race, meaning you must go through each checkpoint to move on to the next one. There are no shortcuts and if you miss a checkpoint you will not be able to finish.

This race is comprised of 6 checkpoints.

#1 Begin With the End in Mind:

A race car driver is only focused on one thing – the finish line. He’s not concerned about his place in the race until the end of the race.

You need to be able to vividly describe what your life will be like in retirement. Write it down – on paper!

What does your day look like? What is your view out of your window? What sits in your garage? Make sure to answer all of these questions so you can draw a map to make this a reality.

Begin with the end in mind – very crucial, you can’t just start going and expect to arrive in paradise.

#2 Have The Correct Mind Set

This one can go with pint number one, but I think it’s important enough to make it its own. But you need to have the correct mindset. That is, you need to be convicted in your beliefs. No matter what you do in life there will be people who try to bring you down.

This can be because they have made bad choices and are not where they want to be in life and don’t want to see you get there, or many other reasons.  The idea is to not let them bring you down, just keep on having a positive mind set and do the things that will inch you closer to your dream retirement.

These two checkpoints here should fire you up because you fully control them! If you can see where you want to go, and keep steadfast with your mindset of achieving it then no one can stop you.

As always if you know why you can overcome any how.

#3 Education

It’s important to learn about retirement because you can’t master anything without first learning about it. However you all seem to know that since you’re reading this post here, so great job!

At the finish line I need to have at least $300,000 saved. Before setting my number I Googled the average retirement account amounts for early retirees. I came across several sites and several blogs setting the number of round $600,000. With that amount of money those individuals expected to bring in around 3-5% interest per year, which would be their spending money/income. After I contemplated using this number as my goal for savings, I decided that number would be unrealistic given my career choice. With making around $60,000 per year, trying to save $30,000 of it per year sounds very unrealistic, when simultaneously trying to pay off student loans.

What’s your number? $250k? $1m? $10m? Name it and do whatever it takes to hit it, kick some serious ass! We live in an age where anyone can acquire massive wealth if you just go out and DO IT!

Checkpoint #4 – Debt Repayment

A major hurdle to getting to retirement is being debt-free. That means no student loans, no car loans, no mortgages, or credit card loans. The problem with carrying debt is, it creates an obligation on your part to pay it back. The obligation to pay your debts back impedes your ability to make your own decisions. The longer you have debt, the longer you must have a job to repay your debt.

Get rid of it, most of the things we finance we don’t really need. One creed I live by now is “if I can’t pay cash for it, then I don’t deserve it” It has served me very well these last few years – and most of the time the things we think we want the most we don’t/ Usually after I can finally pay cash for that “car” I end up passing on it saying “I don’t really want it anymore”. Make sure to master all of these checkpoints To retirement

Checkpoint #5 – Education

Another pillar of my retirement plan is education. Education comes in two forms: 1. learning skills that will allow you more freedom, and 2. learning about how to invest your money. With the first form, this mostly includes different skills in which you can use as a freelancer, mostly computer based skills. Specific types of computer skills allow you the freedom to have more personal time to develop your retirement plans.

Education is incredibly important, it’s very important we constantly grow. A success tip is to get a little better every day!

Checkpoint #6 – Health

Health is an unexpected pillar of my plan. When I realized that people can spend the same amount on medical bills as they do on mortgages, I concluded that health should be on the list. It is important to develop a healthy meal plan and also a meal budget. Also, exercise should be a part of your health plan. Even though I personally despise exercise, I realize the importance of keeping myself healthy. There is no point in retiring early if I’m two steps away from the grave when I do it.

(Visit www.TheFitnessJunkieBlog.com for great ideas to stay healthy! It’s been my source for months now.)

That’s it, those are the checkpoints to retirement. That is the roadmap to retirement, start getting those aligned so you can retire ASAP! Remember, the big one is to Pay Off All Your Debt!! Each time you take on more debt you postpone your retirement!

Also these are  Checkpoints To Retirement, like a checkpoint race you can’t skip one and continue on to the finish line. They have to be done in order.

Make sure to share this post, we need more people retiring and living the good life!

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