Unbiased Heartland Precious Metals Review

Unbiased Heartland Precious Metals Review

It’s no secret that there is no shortage of gold and silver precious metals dealers out there. And with the state of the economy business is booming as more people wake up to the fact that our monetary system is built on lies.

But since there are so many of them now, who do we buy from? Today I recently found Heartland Precious Metals and thought it would be a great idea to review them and see who they are.

Who Is Behind Heartland Precious Metals?

Precious metals seems to be a rather new company, it was founded by a guy named Paul Montgomery. He has over 30 years of experience as a professional precious metals specialist.

He has also been on an advisory board to the FTC and SEC. What sets him apart from other companies is his will to have a high degree of integrity and transparency in business.

He has 4 Promises for you:

  1. We will not sell you investments that are not a good fit for you.
  2. I will not pay commissions to my trading team.
  3. We will buy back anything we sell.
  4. We will be completely transparent with our buying and selling prices.

I’d like to highlight that last point because visiting their website their buy prices – they have tiers – is extremely visible. And their buy back is quite visible too. Haven’t seen that from anywhere.

It looks like the leadership behind Heartland Precious Metals is in the right place, but what else is there to this company?

Buying From Heartland Precious Metals

Heartland precious metals has a unique buying experience from other places i’ve bought from. Most don’t lock in a price till you hit the buy button, but at Heartland they lock in when you click “proceed to checkout”.

You can buy using personal check,bank wire, cashiers check or money order they do not accept credit/debit cards at this time.

They have a minimum order of $1,000 for USA and $2,500 for Canadian orders.

They do not have any commission fees, they have 24/7 online ordering.

Heartland has a great return policy if you get damaged goods. Also they have free shipping and insurance on all orders. Most places (if at all) is $7,500 or more before you get that kind of service.

Selling To Heartland Precious Metals

How you sell to Heartland is pretty straightforward:

“Selling to Heartland is simple. Call our trading department at (877) 360-3945 or email us at Trading@HeartlandPreciousMetals.com with a list of the products you’d like to sell to us.”

They have a minimum of $1,000 when selling to them, they have no hidden fees.

Customer Sevice

Heartland Precious Metals has high quality customer service, you can really tell that’s what they are focused on. They have a lot to say about their founder, his beliefs, his plans for his company. They also have extensive FAQ’s and their website is extremely easy to read. Especially their prices.

What Accolades Does Heartland Have?

Heartland Precious Metals has been reviewed by the BBB and has an A+ rating. They have had zero complaints.

They are a PNG accredited precious metals dealer as well. This is a high rating for precious metals dealers which shows a high degree of integrity in the company.

Heartland Precious Metals on Strange Inheritance

Heartland was featured on Fox Business’s show Strange Inheritance after Paul Montgomery evaluated a 1913 nickel for some customers. This couple inherited this nickel and was valued at $3 million! Heartland Precious Metals president Paul Montgomery, was able to accurately evaluate this coin, which is one of 5 ever minted!

Because it is such a rare chance that this would ever happen it’s nice to see heartland precious metals stand up to the challenge and give a accurate appraisal to something of this magnitude. They are definitely experts in rare coins and bullion!

Heartland Precious Metals Price

All that stuff they have is great, but in the end it all boils down to prices. I was shocked to see their prices – which by the way they show how much over spot they charge – were lower than I’m use to paying! What shocks me more is that they are a small company when compared to some of the giants and the fact they can beat their prices is interesting. They offer free shipping and insurance on all orders.

They also clearly show how much their price is over spot (bid) price of silver. Most companies hide it, when compared to a competitor most people use their prices as of this second are:

  • Competitor $18.01 for one (1) American silver eagle (again they don’t tell you how much over spot that is but it comes out at $3.99 over spot)
  • Heartland Precious Metals for one (1) American silver eagle is $17.66 clearly stating $3.64 over spot.

That means Heartland Precious Metals is nearly 10% cheaper per coin. It’s the same or more for their other products.

Heartland Precious Metals Pro’s

  • Low prices
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Easy to sell to them
  • Prices are easy to read
  • Free shipping
  • Show how much over spot they charge per coin
  • Strong integrity

Heartland Precious Metals Con’s

  • No credit/Debt cards
  • $1,000 minimum purchase
  • Smaller company

Final Verdict on Heartland Precious Metals

Heartland Precious Metals really surprised me on their guarantee to their customers. I guess since they are in the middle of Oklahoma they have those solid family values. They offer fantastic prices with free shipping! That’s really unheard of for such a small order.

In my opinion they are a fantastic place to buy from if you can’t afford the $5,000 minimum order for Regal Assets. I’d highly recommend you place and order and check them out. I think we will all fall in love with them.

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