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Many people want to get out of debt. However there are 2 main roadblocks.

  1. ¬†Society today teaches that having debt is not only ok, but that it’s expected! To break out of that is tough and,
  2. by the time people realize they want to get out of debt, it’s usually because they already have more than they can afford. This stops them from climbing out of the hole.

Obviously these are major problems, and many people really want to do anything to take control of their debt. Most decide to find a good resource/service that promises results – but most of these are lackluster or straight up scams. With as much information as there is out there how do average people find the really helpful companies?

The solution is to leverage the work of others, I have reviewed numerous companies spending countless hours trying to narrow in on some that really help.

Who is National Debt Relief?

National Debt Relief is a company that specializes in working with people who owe more than they can afford. They negotiate with creditors on the behalf of the individual and set up a program where the individual pays NDR_120x240back an agreed upon settlement – usually less than the original with a lower payment. This frees up some cash so they can pay it back without issues.

Price and What Do You Get?

National Debt Relief charges no fees until your debt is settled. The fee varies on a case by case basis based on the particular needs of the customer – however it is usually 20-25% of the debt settled.

The Program Focuses On:

  • A Personalized Plan of Action
  • NDR talks and negotiates with the creditors on your behalf
  • Zero cancellation costs, no payment until agreements with creditors are reached
  • Financial consultations – Fix the root of the problem

They don’t only want to help you settle your debt, they want to help you avoid it again.

What I liked about National Debt Relief:

  • They charge no fees until agreements with creditors have been reached
  • They help you solve the root issues, and provide some financial consultations
  • They take care of everything for you
  • Triple Accreditation (BBB, AFCC, IAPDA)
  • Long track record with very high proven successes


What I Didn’t Like About National Debt Relief:

Unfortunately they aren’t cheap, considering they charge up to a 25% fee, the cost can add up. However since they only take clients with $7,500 or more in unsecured debts the end amount they save you ends up far outweighing the cost.

Additionally, they don’t service the nice folks in Minnesota. This has to do with the laws of Minnesota itself and not National Debt Relief – it’s still unfortunate.

Also they only take clients with $7,500 or more in unsecured debts…so you need to have a serious problem which isn’t bad, but small time people don’t get to benefit. However I would still try and see if they will help.

The Final Verdict

National Debt Relief is a fantastic company, there is no question they are the uncontested leaders in their field. I have not seen another company that has as much credibility or integrity. If you have a decent amount of unsecured debt (credit card) then I would highly recommend them. While they aren’t a cheap option the amount they save you more than pays for itself quickly, and they do everything for you. National Debt Relief Review –¬† I fully recommend this company they have proven leadership and amazing accolades. If you have more than $7,500 in credit card debt they might be a lifesaver!

They give you a free quote, what do you have to lose (besides debt)? >>Join National Debt Relief Now<< No upfront fees, cancel at anytime no charges.

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