Credit Rx America Review

Credit Rx America Review

Credit score can be a very hard thing to raise – but a very easy thing to lose. It is much easier to lower your score than doing the correct habits long enough to get it into the 750 and above rating. A low credit score will cost you many thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars over a few years. Financially speaking a good credit score is extremely important so you can get as close to the prime rate as you can. That means big savings in your household income.

It also means should life happen – you can easily get a line of credit to help out your situation. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the subject and even more shady companies that dive in to take advantage of people in a rough spot. Because it is so tricky and easy to screw up I believe it’s always best to seek professional help, but how do we find a reputable company? It’s time to start picking companies about and see what makes them tick. Today is our Credit Rx America Review. In this review i’m looking at a few things:

  1. Price to Service Ratio
  2. Leadership of the Company
  3. Track Record of Success

About Credit Rx America:

This is a relatively little known company who deals with the credit bureaus on your behalf. They are a full service credit repair company. One thing I noticed about them is that they are family owned and unlike larger companies you actually talk with a real person. From reading their website they seem to really be into business to help the consumer. This might actually be a first – if it’s true.

Cost And Services:

The good news about their prices is they don’t charge until they have completed what they said they would. Also they do not have any:

  • Setup fees
  • Upfront service fees
  • Required monthly fees

If you’re used to being nickle and dime’d to death then I think this will make you happy! Nothing pisses me off more than a company with “low prices” but have fees every which way you turn!

They Work On?

  • Bankruptcy
  • Charge-Offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Medical Collections
  • Tax Liens
  • Student Loans
  • + More!

What I Liked About Credit Rx America:

  • Family Owned – Small town feel but big town knowledge
  • No fees
  • Pay AFTER Results
  • They Offer Free Services
  • Extensive knowledge on the industry and they take care of their customers
  • Very competitive rates

What I Didn’t Like About Them:

  • They are a small company so they might now have as many resources as a larger company.

Final Verdict:

Overall I think they are a very reputable company and they offer a lot for what they charge. What I see that I believe is more important than that however, is something rare. I’ve spoken with some of the leadership and I get a sense of integrity with them. That’s very rare I almost never find a company that has integrity, does what they promise and looks out for the consumer. We are so use to being taken advantage of by companies in this day and age that it’s almost a given. Yet there are clearly some well managed businesses out there. I fully recommend Credit Rx America for anyone who has a troubled credit score.

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