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Gold is an amazing store of value. When people buy it the misconception is they want to make money with it. However the real idea is to just store your buying power in it. While I do think it’s purchasing power will spike at least for a bit the main selling point on gold is to store wealth because it’s inflation resistant.

Major Problems With Gold

Gold has many things going for it – but it also have some big negatives. One being who wants to carry gold with you on your person in all different sizes? You’ll risk losing it and it has the same problems cash has – it’s not very convenient.

In this day and age technology has gives us the ability to seamlessly buy thing and have money deducted from our account using cards. Who wants to worry about counting dirty cash and then counting the change and dealing with bills, and different value coins that rattle in our pockets.

BitGold has solved this problem!

Gold-Backed Debit Card

One of the best features to BitGold is the fact that you get a debit card linked to your

GoldMoney Card

account that’s backed by gold! So you can trust the money you have is real and not this fiat crap governments use.

The debit card can be used for anything, and around the world. It functions exactly like the debit card in your wallet right now. This makes having gold and a store of value hugely convenient. And

I think this is going to be how we use money after our fiat money fails. I think this is freaking amazing!

How BitGold Works

BitGold is a way for you to buy gold – real physical gold. And have it safely stored in vaults around the world, this means your gold is safe. Storing gold at home is seriously risky, burying it in your yard obviously has some pretty hefty risks too. You can’t store it in a bank safety deposit box because the government can easily confiscate it during bad times – and you don’t have access to it anytime you want.

With BitGold you have all the freedom and none of the risk. They store it for you in highly secure vaults in many different countries and you always have access to your money.

The card says “goldmoney” on it and it is prepaid with your vaulted gold funds. This means you don’t pay any interest.

There are also no monthly fees.

What I Like About BitGold:BitGold Price

  • Free Storage
  • Within 1% of spot price
  • Goldmoney Card
  • Amazing Gold Price Checker
  • Gold Is Stored In Many Places
  • Free To Make An Account

What I Don’t Like About BitGold:

  • I’m Always A little Hesitant Not Having Direct Access To My Gold, however you can buy physical and you can redeem your vault gold later.

BitGold Prices

BitGold is FREE to sign up, they also don’t charge you a monthly (or any) fee to store your gold – something most similar companies do charge for.

Buying gold is among the cheapest around, you buy within 1% of the official price. If you already buy gold you know how steep premiums can be! My last order of gold eagles I paid $50 (4%) over spot per coin!

They don’t charge you a monthly fee on your GoldMoney account!

Final Verdict on BitGold

Wow! After writing this review I must say I’m super impressed! In fact this is going to be my only place I buy gold from now. I really love their features and their prices are killer! I must say the thing I’m most excited about is the debit card backed by gold, I think it takes out all the flaws for modern day gold based money.

They are also so fairly priced it’s almost a wonder how they make money. So I will say this is some place you really need to make an account and check out. I think you’ll love what you find, I extremely highly recommend them!

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