What is Binary Option Robot Trading?

Binary options robot trading is using an automated system or tool to do your binary trades for you. We live in interesting times, nearly anything can be automated. But is this reliable? Can it really bring in profits reliably, can it get us that millionaire status?

What Are Binary Options?

First things first, what the heck are binary options and how can we make money from them?

Binary Options is very simple. It allows people to make an educated guess that the stock will either go up (call) or fall (put). You can make huge amounts of money by being right, up to 85% of the investment. But if you make the wrong call you lose your entire investment.

This way you don’t actually need to own the option, it’s becoming a huge way for people to make some money.

Binary Option Robots?

Because of it’s simplicity the whole process can be automated. Otherwise you can spend the whole day in front of the computer, which isn’t as appealing as letting a program do it for you.

Binary option robots have exploded over the last few months, most are crap. They are full of false promises and are promoted as get rich quick schemes.

There is however, some potential in this:

Robots Pro’s

  • Speed – There is so much going on when the market is open it’s nearly impossible to keep up. A robot can not only keep up with everything but also multi task. This can be huge when milliseconds matter in this world.
  • Rationality – Robots are a program that follow certain instructions. Whereas a new person just jumping in has no clue what they are doing these robots know what to look for and how to do everything.
  • Non Emotional – One of the big reasons people lose money in the market is because they get emotionally attached. Being a good investor really lies in how you handle losing money, or when a stock does the opposite of what you think will happen. The robot stays the course and looks at the facts. This can increase wining odds.
  • Lack of errors – Humans make errors, it’s what we do. Robots eliminate silly errors that may have otherwise made the bet profitable.
  • Legal – It is 100% legal to use them.

Robot Con’s

  • Lack of control – You aren’t in full control of the robot or its actions every single second.
  • Lose Money – Of course we all want to make money and this might be a good way at doing it, however this is glorified gambling. Yes we can look at different factors that can sway the odds into our favor but the reality is sometimes things don’t go as expected and you can lose money here just like you can make money.


Final Verdict On Using A Robot For Option Trading

Using a robot can be a good idea. Treat it like gambling – but with a way to win. Only invest (bet) what you are willing to lose and no more.

If you want to use a robot be very careful which one you pick as there are a lot of companies preying on people right now. I have my trusted one here but you can find one yourself if you’d like.

Proceed To Safety (visit trusted robot)


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