Binary Option Robot Review

Trading options can be very stressful and time consuming. Being good at it is even harder, you constantly have to be multi tasking and if you get up to go the bathroom you might miss a good trade.

Because it’s so challenging and time consuming, yet very simple, people have automated it. But is this a sure fire way to lose your lunch? Or is it a road to riches? Lets find out and pick this robot apart.

Binary Option Robot Overview

Trading binary options is very simple. It allows people to make an educated guess that the currency will either go up (call) or fall (put). You can make huge amounts of money by being right, up to 85% of the investment. But if you make the wrong call you lose your entire investment.

In order to figure out what currency might do there are a lot of factors to look at. Then when the timing is right and all the factors seem to be coming together one may make a call. But this requires you to watch the market all day and be on top of it all day.

Also things happen extremely fast, fractions of seconds may mean the difference between losing money and making money. It’s extremely stressful and exhausting.

Because it’s very simple it was also simple to automate. Binary Option Robot is the first one, and since then there are hundreds that have popped up. Most of these are garbage but what about Binary Option Robot?

How It Works

Some of the top options traders made up a killer algorithm that the software uses. It analyzes hundreds of parameters instantly and analyzes the marker to decide what the currency might do next. Because it’s a program it can execute commands almost instantly which gives you a huge advantage over other traders.

You make an account, set up your preferences and fund the account and you’re off to the races.

Preferencesbinary options robot interface

  • Daily Stop Loss
  • Trade Amount
  • Amount Of Risk
  • Max Daily Trades
  • Expiry

How Much Does Binary Option Robot Cost?

The good news is it’s totally free to use the software, there is also a VIP level with a few more options but even that is free. You get that by referring a friend.

There are also no fees to use the program, sounds good to me but how does the company make money?

How Does Binary Options Robot Make Money?

I can’t find any information on this however you pick a list of brokers to use from. I’d assume they have a deal with these brokers where Binary Robot gets a small kick back. So the better you do, the better the robot does. It seems to me that this adds confidence to the program – that it actually works.

How Does Binary Option Robot Work?

It’s pretty simple, but yet complex. There is an algorithm put together by some of the best traders. This algorithm uses past data, current trends, breakout points and many other factors to decide what to do and when to do it.

Most of the currency exchanges follow a relatively predictable pattern barring some chaotic political or terrorist event.

Are You Guaranteed To Make Money?

The short answer is no, because there are no guarantees with the stock market. You can and will lose money trading options. I’ve seen claims of over an 80% success rate which is very good. However there are no guarantees and I’m not sure thats a legit claim. Even the best traders lose money on some trades, you just need to make more good calls than bad ones.

Will You Lose All Of Your Money?

You do not have to worry about losing your funds. You set your own limits and decide how much you want to risk and trade per day. Many auto trading software offers high rewards but empty traders accounts over night in corporation with the brokers by placing a series of losing trades.

Binary Option Robot Pro’s

  • 100% Fully Automated
  • Works When You’re Offline
  • Pick Your Risk Level
  • Can Automatically Stop if Market Gets Too Volatile
  • Extremely Fast
  • Non Emotional
  • No Download Needed
  • FREE
  • You Can Make Big Money

Binary Option Robot Con’s

  • You Leave Trades Up To A Machine
  • You’re Not In Full Control
  • You Can and Will Lose Some Money

Final Verdict on Binary Option Robot

I think the software is very helpful. While no one can make a profitable trade every single time the robot can usually out perform people, especially newbies. I think the software is great for people just getting into binary options because there is so much to learn.

I would recommend trying it out for yourself. Don’t let my opinion or others opinions dictate for you, this software is not malware nor a virus. It’s simply a tool to use to trade options while having a life.

You can try it out without risking a lot of money. So here is what I recommend, make a free account by clicking on the button below and put a little money in to and see for yourself how it is.

Do not treat this like you’re going to be a millionaire overnight, it’s better to look at it as a way to spend some fun money and possibly make it grow.

Click the button below right now to make a free account.

Make A Free Account


Only risk what you are willing to lose. I am not making any guarantees on successes nor is this investment advice. Consult with a licensed broker. Past performance is not a guarantee of today.


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