Horizon Bank Checks Review

Horizon Bank Checks Review

Horizon Bank Checks is an online check ordering service. They offer direct to consumer checks – this allows consumers to buy checks for around half the price when compared to a bank. Horizon Checks is more generic than some of the other companies we’ve reviewed which allows them to have the lowest prices. What else is to know about them? Lets take a look.

Horizon Bank Checks Customer Service 7.7/10

Upon first visiting their site I notice they have a very easy to get to “contact us” which is good, though they only have a few options for contact. Front and center on their page they have a contact form – excellent! But the phone number contact is a little on the small side. As far as their return policy is concerned it does the bare bones job and not much more. Which is fine but they definitely don’t strive to have awesome customer experience.

Horizon Bank Checks Designs 8/10

One of the more important factors when looking at an online check ordering service company is the number of different designs, horizon checks is no slacker here. They have a decent amount of designs – offering 100’s. I wasn’t able to find an exact amount but they have more than the average. No complaints here as their designs cover every possible interest.

Horizon Bank Checks Security 10/10

Obviously this is the #1 ranking factor when reviewing online check ordering services. If the checks arent safe and secure with lots of security measures to prevent check washing or other fraud attempts. Their checks contains the typical security features and their website has badges on it showing a high level of security. You can be sure ordering from them is safe an secure.

Horizon Bank Checks Price 10/10

Obviously cost of the service is probably most important to potential customers. I’m happy to say that a box of normal checks runs $6.99 the cheapest I found. No one touches their prices, so what they might lack on options or fancy websites they make up for with budget prices. Don’t worry with low prices doesn’t mean low quality. These checks are like what you’d find at your local bank – just much less costly.


  • Tight Security
  • Low cost
  • 100’s of designs
  • They offer a product catalog



  • They don’t have any company info or any great info in their checks. I had to spend a lot of time gathering information to write about.

Final Verdict on Horizon Bank Checks

Horizon Checks gets the job done for less. But not much else, to me they just seem like they are a middleman that order their checks from a factory and sell them at a good price. Nothing wrong with that what they offer is sound, they just lack some of the more cozy features. If you want checks at the best price possible then I would highly recommend them. But if you’d like a better customer experience and a more thorough experience I would go with our #1 or #2 choice.

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