4Checks Review

4Checks Review

4Checks is an online check ordering service. They offer direct to consumer checks – this allows consumers to buy checks for around half the price when compared to a bank. 4Checks has some of the most designs of any online check ordering service and offer designs in a separate field from what I have seen other companies offer. 4Checks has a nice website, however they are a little more expensive than other places.

4Checks Customer Service 7.7/10

One of the good things about their website is they have the FAQ’s right at the top of the screen so you don’t need to search around for it. However there is no “about us” or even an easy to find phone number. The phone number they offer is right at the very bottom of the page which seems to make me think it’s not something they really want you calling. So while their website looks good, as far as customer ease to use, there definitely are better companies.

While not horrible it definitely takes off some points when they make their website less user friendly.

4Checks Designs 9.1/10

4Checks offers a lot of different designs for your checks, offering a staggering 600+ unique designs! Most of their designs are in the field of animals or scenery.I really love their designs, if you are in to nature or sports or patriotic designs then you will love what they have to offer! 4Checks ranks #2 on the amount of designs they offer and their selection is top quality.

4Checks Security 10/10

Obviously this is the #1 ranking factor when reviewing online check ordering services. If the checks arent safe and secure with lots of security measures to prevent check washing or other fraud attempts. Their checks contains the typical security features, so they offer as much – if not more – security than your local bank. So you don’t have to worry about using their checks they take security very seriously.

4Checks Price 10/10

Obviously cost of the service is probably most important to potential customers. 4Checks price is less than you’ll find at a typical bank…but they are a little more expensive than their competitors. A box of basic checks will run you about $18.95 + shipping so if funds are tight then you can find a better deal. However they aren’t too expensive and which the quality of their designs then I think it is fine to pay a little more.


  • Tight Security
  • Lower cost than a bank
  • Ton’s of unique designs
  • Designs are different from their competitors


  • Website could be more use friendly
  • Pretty small focus of designs – mostly nature/scenery

Final Verdict on 4Checks

4Checks is a great place to buy some cool looking checks for a decent price. While other places have them undercut somewhat they beat most of the competition with their designs. If you are into animals, scenic designs or sports then this is a very recommended place to buy checks from. Their security measures are of top quality so you’ll never have to worry about writing a check. And their prices are much better than you’ll generally find at a traditional bank.

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