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Success Tips Used By Ultra-Productive Entrepreneurs

By Alexander_Price / October 7, 2015

How Do People Achieve Massive Success and How Does Their Productivity Play a Role?

I have made many friends over time, and like me, many of them own businesses. Over the years I have grown my circle of influence and I have seen some people become more successful than many could ever imagine and some fail.

One difference I noticed after watching all of this transpire was their productivity level. The more successful people were the ones who got a lot done in a timely fashion. The failures were the people who wasted time of small things.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Major in the majors”. This means focus your time the big things not the small ones. Some people are so efficient that they get more done in 5 minutes than most do in an entire day!

It’s always interesting to me why some people achieve so much and amass such large wealth while others barely scrape by.

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Here are some Helpful Tips to Help Become More Successful

The Economic Pie is Huge and It’s Getting Bigger All the Time

Many people focus on saturation, or competition and end up scaring themselves out of their dreams. The truth is, there is more than enough wealth for all of us. Don’t be scared to go out there and take some for yourself, ulta-successful people are not afraid of competition. In fact, they relish in it. Competition creates more ingenuity, find joy in the competition and leverage it to hone your skills and being something of more value to the table because of it.

Work Smarter, Not harder

I’ve heard a great quote: “Hard work just makes you tired”. This has been my mantra for a few years now and it has really made an impact on my professional life. Focus on tasks that are the most important first.

Also it’s wise to find ways to make the smaller or redundant tasks easier or automated. Busyness is not productivity, many people who accomplish nothing are busy.

They might need to vacuum, or clean their car or something else that is not getting them closer to their dreams.

While I’m not saying not to do those things it’s more important to do income producing tasks or important life tasks first and then work down to the smaller and less important tasks.

Taking Breaks Are Mandatory

The most effective people know that when they are feeling over whelmed that it’s time to take a break. Relaxing is great for the mind and body – and your productivity. By relaxing and not doing anything for a period of time you are hitting the reset button. This will allow you to get back at it at a vigorous pace and have new, better ideas because of it.

If you have employees and are looking to boost their productivity i’d recommend giving them more breaks. They after they have had a bit to relax and focus or just rest they will come back with an increased ability to get the job done. You’ll also find this will make them happier to work for you too, which is nice.

I know many people who work a lot! They also have the least money out of anyone I know and have worse health. I saw something the other day on my facebook that I thought was ridiculous. It was a meme that said “Oh you work 40 hours a week? I remember my first part time job too”

As if there is something to brag about in working 60, 70, or 80+ hours a week! That just means they have nothing else in their lives, it’s not some hall of fame or anything. It should be hall of shame!I’m not saying don’t work hard, but don’t work yourself to death – there’s no need with the internet.

Remember – on people’s death bed one of the most common regret is they wish they didn’t work so much. Working is fine, but don’t let it consume you.

The Most Successful People in Anything Are Not Afraid to be Wrong

Most average people will always strive to be right, even when they are clearly in the wrong their pride won’t let them actually admit it. It’s a very normal part of human psychology. I’m not saying that it’s wrong or it makes you a bad person – it just lowers your effectiveness.

No one can know everything and even the best people need a coach. Look at Michael Jordan or any other professional athlete, they all have coaches? Why Coaches or mentors can see our faults clearly and can help us correct them. It’s not a matter of being wrong or stupid, it’s about getting better. The only way to grow as a person is to admit you’re wrong when you are and learn from it. The main part of this though is once you’ve isolated a problem is to not have that same problem or failure again.

The most successful people in the world all use coaches or advisors. If you want to find more success than you currently have take your ego out of the equation and become more humble and success will find your more rapidly and in larger doses.

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