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Great High Paying Job Without A College Degree

By Alexander_Price / October 12, 2015

Here is A Great High Paying Job Without A College Degree

If you live in a large city and don’t have a college degree and are looking to perhaps find a different jobs or need a decent and fun second job then keep reading.

You may or may not have heard of Amazon’s Amazon Prime Now? It’s Amazons new service where your package is delivered within an hour. That’s quite the achievement but how do they make that speedy delivery?

It’s called Amazon Flex and they pay average people in the cities they operate in anywhere from 18-25 dollars an hour! You don’t need to pick up random people and take them places, you don’t need any super special licenses, this is an awesome job! I would totally do this right now if they serviced my city but not yet.

What the Job Entails

  • Pick up the package (it will be close to your house)
  • Take the package and drive to the customers house, or business.

It’s really that simple, i’m not exactly sure how you get paid but if you’re interested click the link above and amazon will get you all the info you need. This looks like a great high paying job without a college degree – or even with? They pay more than most people I know.

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Here are some amazing things I like about it!

  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your own schedule
  • You don’t have to deal much with people (introverts will understand)

What I don’t Like about it:

  • Only available in Seattle currently (more cities very soon)
  • Not as consistent as a typical job
  • Mainly for big cities, I don’t think this will hit medium sized cities and smaller

How does the job work/where can you get this job?

  • Sign Up at Amazon Flex
  • All you need is: An ANDROID smartphone, A car, valid license, go through a background check and be 21 years or older!

It’s that simple, I think that is something you guys should look into, even if you want to work like 2 hours a weekend it’s probably worth it. That’s an extra $36-$50 a week, not bad for no college degree. Man I’m jealous actually that i’m not in a serviceable spot! Oh well anyone who joins make sure you let me know how it is!

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High Paying Job Without A College Degree
Amazon's new service - amazon flex hired average people with no degree required.
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