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How To Save Money For A Motorcycle

How To Save Money For A Motorcycle

Are you trying to save money for a motorcycle? Do you want a cool toy? Saving money can be extremely hard. There is so much to buy and it seems like there isn’t enough money. Usually what I get I spend, you might be just like me. Of course we all know saving money is important.

Save Money Responsibly

You can’t just be a frugal fool. Life is too short to not actually live. One of my nightmares is to die before I have a chance to spend this money i’m saving.

On the other hand, you need to prepare for the future. It could bring hardships, it could bring a financial crisis, perhaps there will be a medical emergency or something of that nature.

So we shouldn’t neglect living for our future, and we shouldn’t neglect our future for living what the hell do we do then?

We need to smart save. A great idea is to save up for something fun. Like a motorcycle, just add a bit onto the cost of it and don’t buy ti until you hit that amount. Maybe add $1,000 onto the price tag, after you buy it put that $1,000 into savings for good. This way we are being responsible but we also get to have fun.

Saving Techniques That WORK!

We have all read many ways to save money. Those are great in theory but don’t actually work in real life. I’m going to share my secret to saving money for the first time.

I’ll be honest though it takes some work.

You need two accounts

  1. Living Account
  2. Bills Account

Living Account:

This is the account that all of your money pools into.

Bills Account:

This is an account set up to just pay your bills. Add up your monthly obligations and set up an automatic transfer for 10% over that amount to be safe.

Now anytime you want to buy something, whether it’s small or big you need to go to your living account to get the money out.

You’ll go for things you need, but if it’s not important then you probably wont get it. This will allow you to save a lot of money in a very short period of time.


I’m lazy, this worked really well but it was just too much freaking work! After 2 months I thought there had to be a better way.


Use an app called “digit”. This is genius and it’s FREE

Here’s How It Works

It’s that simple. Digit rocks because it totally automates your savings so you don’t have to do anything. This is great for me because i’m super lazy. How it works is it connects to your bank account, it analyzes your income and spending and after doing some complicated math it will start transferring some money to a separate bank account – your digit account – automatically.

It’s very nice because you send it commands via text message and you have full access to the account. There is no fee for getting money out of your account and it will happen in 1 business day.

You can send it commands to save less aggressively or more, you can pause saving for a specified number of days and more.

I have been using it for a few months and it is a lifesaver. You also get interest on money you keep in your account for 3 months straight.

Did I mention there are no fees? This app is totally free! You can even make an account in seconds.

This is my secret weapon to being able to save for anything I want, a motorcycle and my future!

>>>>Click Here to Make an Account<<<<

They even offer you $5 for referring friends!

Feel free to read my Digit Review Here.

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