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How To Prepare for an Economic Collapse

How To Prepare for an Economic Collapse

I’m not one of those fear mongering people who are saying the economy is going to collapse tomorrow! Buy all this stuff now! (so they can profit off your fear) Screw all that B.S.

However, our economy is definitely in trouble and it is essential to prepare right now for whatever is coming.

I’ll give you a quick overview on the underlying issues but be sure to read “is the American economy in trouble”.

The Reality

As you are probably aware of, America is controlled by a few elite people. Nearly all of our politicians are pawns in a larger game. Money controls this game, with this money people can control our politicians and thus control the world. These people are bringing us down so they can profit, it’s that plain and simple. This whole thing is about money. Lots and lots of money.

The Beginning

From the founding of our nation we have tried to have a central bank twice. Each time it failed because we saw what government is willing to do and we didn’t want to get stuck in that position again. Now in 1907 we had a banking crisis. This is thought to be an orchestrated “crisis” by a few top bankers but this has never been proven. This caused a few people to not be able to get money out of their banks.

Well right after that people came to the government and demanded they do something so In 1910, Senator Nelson Aldrich and executives representing the banks of J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. met at a small island off the Georgia coast named: Jekyll Island. There everyone was referred to as a number, no names were said and this whole thing was done in secrecy.

After Jekyll island they came up with a bill which was called “National Reserve Association” which was the third attempt to pass a national bank. However this bill failed to pass. This was in 1911.

1913 comes, we now have a democratic dominated government and they changed the name from National Reserve Association to Federal Reserve Act. Most of the bill stayed the same but this was not referred to as a national bank and it ultimately passed.

Since the Federal Reserve Act

Since the federal reserve was signed into law the U.S. dollar has lost 97% of it’s value. Why? Well it’s because of the genius nature of the federal reserve.

The federal reserve is a private corporation owned by the wealthiest bankers in the world. It doesn’t report to our government at all. Our government has no oversight with it. It has never been audited.  With the federal reserve our government gave them the sole authority to issue currency.

So here is how the extremely confusing circle of money works – overly simplified.

The Federal Reserve Issues currency to the US Government. The government then uses it for whatever they want. But the federal reserve lends the money to the government and they charge interest (the prime interest rate) where does the government get the money for the interest? They borrow it from the federal reserve. And so on and so on.

This makes it impossible to pay off debt and since Nixon removed us from the gold standard our money is effectively worthless. They can print as much as they want.

This is extremely simplified so make sure to read my post here for more info.

What Does All This Mean?

In a nutshell, this means we have a debt based economy. Our dollar bill is worth nothing and the government can do whatever it pleases. Every time they issue more currency it effectively devalues the money inour bank accounts.

It’s like a company deciding to issue twice as much stock which would cut their stock price in half.

This is why everything costs more every year, and it’s done for a reason.

Remember the people who own the federal reserve? They can debase the currency and buy a real asset before it hits the market and thus devalues the currency. Those closest to the printing press make tons of money from this! While everyone else just got less buying power.

For this reason it is crucial to divert your wealth to real assets. Such as guns, food, livestock, commodities, anything that has real value and can’t just be made out of thin air.

Unfortunately guns need maintenance and large storage space, food and animals die/rot, wood molds, oil/gas go bad. You also can’t sell half a gun, or cow. This is why gold/silver are being talked about a lot.

Gold/Silver are rare metals, they are dense so you can carry a lot in a small space. They don’t go bad, they can also be cut into smaller pieces and sold for the same price per weight.

Surviving an economic downturn is essential to plan for, no one knows when it will happen however economics has some laws. We have broken most of them and we must pay for our arrogance at some point. Unfortunately all fiat currency (money backed by nothing) reverts back to it’s intrinsic value which is ZERO eventually.

This table shows it very clearly:


This has happened in many countries before. It must happen here and the best way to prepare is to buy real assets.

Major Problem!

Because people are flocking to these assets there are a lot of companies preying on the fear and selling crap or straight up scamming/. Be careful who and where you buy from.

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