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How To Keep Credit Cards From Being Hacked?

We live in a time where we have never been more vulnerable financially. Everything has gone digital which is great, except it leaves us open to attack. Until recently there have been few safeguards build to protect our cards. We have encrypted measures for bank accounts and log in details but one thing we have been neglecting is the cards in our wallets. Perhaps it’s because it was unknown but now at least we can see that they too are vulnerable.

There is a multi billion dollar industry (and it’s growing) around stealing or “hacking” our credit cards. Your cards are vulnerable while your wallet is closed and stuffed into your pocket. How? People can build a device, which uses an RFID scanner to read your cards within a 20 foot or so radius. This is a problem because you never know when or where one of these scammers are going to be. You also have no idea that they just got your information, it’s not like a pickpocket where you find out soon, they can have your information for a long time. They can also cause immense damage because they can get all the information from your card that they need to buy whatever they want online.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Luckily over the last few months word has gotten out and people are already making fixes to this problem. Most of which are okay, but I think they are a major pain because they are big and bulky and you need to worry about batteries or charging them. Also they are kind of expensive (but still a fraction of the cost of getting hacked).

There was a company that was just featured on Shark Tank that ended up getting funded by the sharks. It’s a brand new company that uses new technology that makes your information invisible to the hackers, but is very inexpensive and small. It also requires no batteries or charging! This is definitely going to be a household brand, everyone needs to protect themselves and I think this company is on the right track. It’s called Signal Vault, i’d recommend doing some research on them. I made a very in-depth review on them that explains the pro’s and con’s as well as anything else you might want to know. I’d recommend reading it here. If you want to just skip ahead and see what signal vault offers you then just click the link below:


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