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Checkworks Review

Checkworks Review

Checkworks is an online check ordering service. It has roots back to 1922 and since that time it has expanded to become the front runner in its industry. They offer direct to consumer checks – this allows consumers to buy checks for around half the price when compared to a bank. They may be one of the best in the industry, but lets see for ourselves and see if they can stack up.

Checkworks Customer Service

When I first visited their website the first thing that cause my eye was this:

checkworks guarantee

So right off the bat they have a powerful guarantee and are also better business bureau A+ rating. This really helps to build confidence that they take their company and customers seriously.

On their website they also make it very clear how to contact them. They have a very obvious “contact us” at the top and bottom of the page. When you click on that it takes you to a simple page with their address, 2 phone numbers, email, and fax number. There’s no digging and no stress. It’s right in front of you.

Checkworks Designs

One of the more important factors when looking at an online check ordering service company is the number of different designs, unfortunately Checkworks features significantly less designs than some of their competitors. However the designs they do have are top quality and even though they lack designs they more than make up for in other areas. Not to mention sometimes with too many designs it can be overwhelming to find one you like.

Checkworks Security

Obviously this is the #1 ranking factor when reviewing online check ordering services. If the checks arent safe and secure with lots of security measures to prevent check washing or other fraud attempts. Their website confidential customer data is encrypted. Security measures on their checks are:

  1. Chemically Sensitive Paper – Prevents alteration of your checks.
  2. Microprint Signature Line – Very small letters that can be read through a magnifying glass, but which appear to the unaided eye to be dashed or solid lines. An “MP” designator is used in conjunction with the micro printed text.
  3. Security Screen – Very light printing on the back of the document with reversed text not easily duplicated by a color copier or scanning/laser printer.
  4. Padlock Icon and Warning Box – Warns consumers that Security Features are present on the document. This Icon and Warning Box is authorized only by the “CPSA” Check Printers Stationery Association to check printing companies who have met the above requirements.
  5. Additonal Security Features – We do not make public in order to provide you with additional protection.
  6. Our Security Features – Exceed the requirements of all Financial Institutions.

Taken right from their FAQ’s. Checkworks definitely takes security extremely seriously and have taken no shortcuts to increase business.

Checkworks Price

Obviously cost of the service is probably most important to potential customers. I’m happy to say that a box of normal checks runs $9.99 and they give you more checks than their competitors. This is the lowest price i’ve found. Checkworks really give you the most bang for your buck.


  • Tight Security
  • Low cost, but massive value
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Fantastic customer service
  • They offer a product catalog
  • Fantastic return policy.

Return policy from their website:

If you are not completely satisfied with our products and our service, you may return the product within 60 days of the ship date, and we will promptly replace your order or refund your money! Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please call customer service at 1-800-971-4223 opt. 1, Monday-Friday, 7:00a.m.-3:30p.m. PST. You may also contact us by email at help@checkworks.com.


  • They have a smaller selection than some other check services which is the only thing keeping them from a perfect score.

Final Verdict on CheckWorks

After thoroughly reviewing them I am extremely impressed. There was very little not to like about they. They really have done a fantastic job in setting up their business and not forgetting the customer service aspect like so many companies do. They are our most highly recommended online check ordering service. If you need checks then they are the company you need to buy from.

>>>>>Visit Their Website Here<<<<<<

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