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Checkout 51 Review

Obviously we all way to find ways to save money and how to make more money. That is how we get amazing personal finances that make others jealous

One of the largest expenditures we have is how much we spend on groceries. In fact the average family spends between $750 (for a low-cost food plan) and $1,150 (for a liberal food plan) a month on groceries.

Obviously this amount varies wildly from city to city and family to family. However it is clear that the average family spends a significant amount of money on groceries – usually the 2nd largest expense in the family budget. So saving cash here can really add up.

Whenever you want to make the biggest difference it is done by fixing the biggest problem. Right? For example, say you have a 2.8 GPA with the following grades: B+ B- A- and D

How would you raise the GPA the fastest? Clearly going from a D- to a C+ would raise the GPA the most. The same sort of thing is true in finances. If you want to save the most money with the least work then you want to tackle the biggest cost.

Since you don’t have much wiggle room with housing, groceries is the next best option. How would you like to save a ton of money on your groceries and even get paid for it?

Sound too good to be true right? Maybe not.

What Is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a coupon website that pays you cash when you do your grocery shopping. Checkout 51 has been around since 2012 and in that time they have been exploding and helping tons of families save a lot of money on their groceries.

Checkout 51 also has an app that makes it much more convenient to use. You can get it on android and iOS.

How Does Checkout 51 Work?

It’s extremely simple to start saving money by using checkout 51:

  1. First make an account here – it’s extremely fast and FREE
  2. Shop at your favorite grocery store
  3. After you’re done use your phone (easiest) or computer to scan the receipt
  4. Checkout 51 will process it and give you cash on their current deals.

Checkout 51 works in all 50 U.S. states and DC military bases and Canada. And at any grocery store.

Every Thursday at midnight they have new offers! If you do some simple planning you can maximize how much money they pay you!

How Does Checkout 51 Pay You?

Checkout 51 pays you by sending you a check as soon as you get more than $20 in your account. You can use that money for anything and there isn’t a limit on how much you can save. When I get my checks I put the money directly into my savings account and use it as a bonus. However you can use it for whatever you want!

Checkout 51 Contest?

When you shop at checkout 51 and scan your receipts in to get paid, you also get entered into a drawing for $500!

How do you qualify for their contest? Just make an account, buy $60 or more of groceries in a single trip and that’s it! Remember you also get paid for doing that shopping trip too.

You can get one (1) entry a week (Thursday through Wednesday) and they pick a winner once a month. This means you can get up to four (4) entries a month into the drawing.

Every month they pick a lucky winner and send them a nice check for $500, this is a pretty sweet idea!

What I Like About Checkout 51

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Low payment threshold ($20)
  • You don’t need a smartphone
  • You can shop at any store you want
  • You can win up to $500 for just doing your shopping
  • It’s FREE

What I Don’t Like About Checkout 51

  • Check is the only option for payments so far, they don’t yet have support for PayPal
  • They are not international, they only work in the United States and Canada at this time
  • No referral program

Final Verdict on Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is definitely a legitimate company that you can trust. They have a new spin on an awesome idea. I really enjoy how they reward people for being loyal customers by giving away $500 for not really doing anything other than shopping so their family can eat.

While you wont get rich by using them, they do pay quite a lot of money for shopping. Like right now if you buy an apple you will get $.50 back. It might not sound like a lot but when most of your cart is stuff they pay you for then it can really add up.

With grocery prices continuing to rise this is an easy way to offset that, this helps to give families more money to put towards other things. Or even an easy way to add to a savings account or emergency fund.

Heck, why not go on a vacation with the money you save from checkout 51? Anyway, I highly recommend them, my wife uses them every time we shop and I told her whatever we save she can keep and buy whatever she wants.

It’s an easy way to keep her happy which keeps me happy! Click the link below to make a free account.

>>>>Visit Checkout 51 Here<<<<

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