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Check Advantage Review

Check Advantage Checks Review (2017 Update)

While checks are a bit old school sometimes, especially for business purposes they are the best way to exchange goods and services for payment. Also my rent has to be paid via check (or pay a $5 convenience fee).

However getting checks at your local bank or credit union is usually like buying goods and services at retail. Buying online will get you exactly what you’re looking for but at wholesale price.

Not all check ordering services are worth using though, here is my review on check advantage, this way you can find out if they are someone to consider or not.

Who Is Check Advantage?

Check Advantage is an online check ordering service. They opened in 2001 and in that time they have been one of the fastest and error free online check ordering companies. They boast a 99% on time and 99.9% error free record. They offer direct to consumer checks – this allows consumers to buy checks for around half the price when compared to a bank. Their shining difference from the rest is their extremely high quality and plentiful designs. They may be one of the best in the industry, but lets see for ourselves and see if they can stack up.

Check Advantage Customer Service

Customer service is the #1 thing I look for when potentially buying a product or service. For me, if a company is lacking on their customer service I will go to their competitor and let my readers know so they can do the same if they choose.

What I look for in customer service is by the layout of their website, and naturally by their response time if I have a question to ask.

When I first visited their website the first thing I noticed was a large button for a live online chat. The chat was also very quick to respond which is a major help for questions I have. This is also something I havent seen many companies in this industry doing, typically it’s just a support ticket system which is slow and annoying – it’s definitely a huge plus that they have a functional live chat!

Check advantage’s  “about us” page is awesome! They have one of the clearest and easiest to read contact form right there so it’s hassle free to get in touch. In addition to that and the live chat they also offer: fax, phone, and normal snail mail.

They also clearly state that they have a 99% on time rate and 99.9% error free record, definitely something that sets them from the rest because even though they are so big, they are extremely organized. Being organized is huge – -especially when people are relying on them to get their checks fast so they can continue to run their businesses and personal bills etc.

They have a better business bureau A+ rating. This really helps to build confidence that they take their company and customers seriously.

The only part that I don’t like is you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find their contact page button, it could definitely be more visible.

Check Advantage Designs

One of the more important factors when looking at an online check ordering service company is the number of different designs, and this is where Check Advantage shines above all others. They offer a staggering 2,500+ designs. Many of these you can’t find anywhere else as they come straight from their artists. After reviewing a few different online check ordering companies I had begun to notice many of the same designs over and over. This leads me to believe that the other places all buy from the same source.

Check advantage doesn’t have the same old stock designs. These are fresh and gorgeous!

Check Advantage Security

Obviously this is the #1 ranking factor when reviewing online check ordering services. If the checks aren’t safe and secure with lots of security measures to prevent check washing or other fraud attempts. In addition too the standard check security features which exceed banking regulations. They have a ton of security on their site. Such as they are a google trusted site. Here is what Check Advantage has to say about their checks:

Whether you’re looking to protect the finances of your business or your personal accounts, CheckAdvantage provides top-notch security features on every check we print.

Statistics show around 1 out of every 20 adults has been the victim of some sort of identity theft or fraud. We know how important safety is to you, which is why we do everything we can to keep your information and your assets safe.

The security features listed on our personal, laser and 3-per-page business checks include:

(1) MP Logo: Placed next to the signature line, MP stands for microprinting, which is an anti-counterfeiting technique involving text that is too small for the human eye to read.

(2) Padlock Icon: Indicates a minimum of three security features on checks and is a registered trademark of the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA).

(3) Microprinting: Used on the signature line of our personal checks, the border on our 3-per-page manual business checks, and found on the signature line of our laser business checks.

(4) Invisible Fluorescent Fibers: These special yellow fibers are only visible under an Ultraviolet light.

check advantage's check security

Check advantage’s safety features

(5) Security Screen: Printed on the back of each check, text reading “Original Document” and listing security features will not photocopy clearly in order to prevent fraud.

To act as a further safeguard, our personal checks include a security warning, found next to the padlock icon. This tells would-be counterfeiters that the document contains safety features.

For our laser checks and 3-per-page business checks, we fend off counterfeiters in a similar way with a warning band found on the border of each check.

Regardless of whether you’re using personal or business checks, CheckAdvantage prints on premium paper to ensure your finances are secure. Features include:

  • UV Dull base-sheet: Easy to distinguish from typical printer paper when placed under a UV light.
  • SecurLaser: Surface treatment applied to both sides to maximize toner adhesion. Guarantees readability of magnetic ink used to print the MICR line.
  • Full Chemical Reactivity: Paper reacts to bleach, acids, and alkalis, as well as polar and non-polar solvents.

Every check we print meets ANSI X9 standards and will be Check 21 compliant.

For even more security, add EZ Shield fraud and identity theft protection to feel completely worry-free. Select this option in your shopping cart during checkout!


How Much Are The Checks from Check Advantage?

This is probably why you are looking to buy checks online as opposed to at your local bank.

While they are still cheaper than most of their competition they are a bit more expensive than Checkworks and Horizon Checks; however they have over 20 times the designs to choose from and they have their own artists. So it’s well worth the extra couple (literally) bucks. They charge $13.99 for a regular box of personal checks but offer free shipping. I am not aware of anyone else offering free shipping so this may very well mean they are the cheapest when all said and done.


  • Tight Security
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Extremely trusted company
  • Fantastic return policy.


  • When I was reviewing them their website was extremely slow. This was also during the early morning hours long before the busy times. I am not sure if this is common or not but it was very annoying, some check-advantage-load-timepages took over a minute to load. I used pingdom.com to see what they calculated and it was indeed 1 minute flat (I think it just stopped trying) but for some reason it was running the test from Australia when I’m in the United States. Not sure what’s going on but i’m sure they will get it straightened out. (It is also December 1 and not 31st.)

Final Verdict on Check Advantage

After thoroughly reviewing them I am extremely impressed. They have an amazing amount of designs to choose from + custom designs. Everything about them speaks excellence! Their only quirk is their slow site speed but I believe that is just a one time deal – perhaps they are doing server work – and I fully recommend them. If you need checks then they are the go to’s for it. I know they will make your experience awesome!

>>>>>Visit Their Website Here<<<<<<

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