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I’m Here to Help You Kick Ass With Your Finances..

Hello, my name is Alexander (Alex) Price and before you start reading about this site I’d love to introduce myself. I’m really just a goofy child at heart feeling old now in his early 30s, and I have learned a lot about life -It came at me full force check out about me to read my whole story.

Real quickly though in my 20s I was grinding all day to try and make some money with the non traditional route. It was a real journey however it most mostly fruitless and so I decided to slow down with that dream and find a job. I became a life insurance sales man, soon after I got married and life was incredible!

Then shit got real. Realer than I ever thought it would. I did a poor job saving which I soon learned is a very risky way to live because my wife up and left me which turnedmy world upside down instantly.

Anyway not trying to be a sob story here because it did get better, but she ended up taking our house and all the money we had. She ended up asking for spousal support which I had to hire an attorney (had to get a loan) to fight that bull crap. I never knew how expensive divorce was. My world shattered and I went into a deep depression and lost my job selling insurance.

This culminated in my 780 credit score crashing to sub 600, racking up over $10,000 in credit card debt before the accounts got closed. I had to move back in with my parents at 27 years of age.

However after a few months I got my butt back in gear and got a great job, started a business and learned about managing money and investing. I now sit here in a much lighter spot and incredible thankful to not be in that place any more.

I decided to start writing about my knowledge and experiences in hopes that some of you might find some value from it and perhaps help you in some way. I also like to write up reviews about interesting products and services I find. Some of them could be of value to you but some definitely are snake oil and i’ll tell you to piss on it as you walk away.



More Information About Personal Finance

Why Are Our Personal Finances A Mess?

I think our school system is to blame. Which has led to society shunning good habits because they are “different”. That’s a load of crap, forget other people and worry about yourself! But why do our school systems fail so miserably at this? Well my friend that lies the problem. No one knows for sure, but it’s “known” that the people who control the world want it the way it is.They have set up the very system to keep people enslaved to their debt masters. Don’t believe me? Google it. In fact, google how the United States went bankrupt in the 1870’s and how the United States is now a corporation and opens up new corporations on us – the people. I tell you things get weird really fast! But enough about all that bull crap, what matters right now is our finances. I have some really great news on those, no matter where you’re currently at you can fix it! It’s not really hard, having good financial skills is just a set of good habits, and good information. Once you have that you will be a boss!

What Will You Get Out Of This Blog?

I’m glad you asked handsome stranger! I’m not here to gloat, the only reason I decided to write about personal finance is because now that I know it can be done I want to help others achieve what I have. I can save you the wrong turns, wasted money on crap products and wasted time with books that don’t do jack squat! I promise you will get the best of the best information, articles, access to the tools I think will take you the farthest. I want to help you not only become debt-free but also to teach you to grow your money. Never get comfortable with where you’re at!

What you wont get out of this

I’m not one of those people who are crazy frugal and act like you should never spend money. Money isn’t the biggest deal in the world, just learn to control it and you’ll do just fine.But make sure you live! Don’t be a save slave, whats the point of having millions in savings account if you have a crap life? Or better yet,what if you get hit by a bus? Live while you’re alive but be responsible enough to put some away too. Don’t skip having fun! That’s a major part of having good finances!

Topics I will Focus On:

  • Debt and how to eliminate it
  • Credit Cards and Interest
  • Personal Finance Basics/Tips
  • How to save money
  • Personal Finance Books
  • Tools to make the jobs easier/more detailed information from experts
  • Basic Success principles
  • How to make more money
  • And More!


I hope to create a powerful resource for you guys to use. Make sure you send me feedback, in the end the whole point of this blog and time into it is to help you guys grow! Also, I would highly recommend signing up for my FREE newsletter. It will have awesome tips and tricks in it that you will benefit from!

Thanks for checking us out, I’m super excited to start changing your lives! Lets raise the roof on your household income!

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